The ARK in the Bible is a place of God's Grace, God's Refuge, and God's Purpose.  the ARK student ministries seeks to lead generations of teens toward becoming fully devoted followers of Christ.  the Ark seeks to accomplish this by helping teens Belong, Believe, & Become what God has created them to be!

We have a great group of students that is growing every week.  They not only deepen their faith through the knowledge of Scripture, but they have lots of fun and care about one another.  They have a core of youth volunteers that teach and serve with passion and energy.  The ARK not only has Bible studies but they go to camps, conferences, mission trips, concerts, and other places where they may hang out & serve.

Youth Leader:  John Beck
Youth Volunteers:  Arlene Beck, Travis Howell, & Ally McCubbin

Join us on Sunday Mornings @ 9:30 a.m. with Travis Howell & Ally McCubbin.  

This LifeGroup is a great connector with the Scriptures and with each other.


Join us on Wednesday Nights @ 6:00 p.m. with John & Arlene Beck

This LifeGroup takes the time to study the scriptures and discuss their purpose for our daily living.