We are passionate about seeing students become leaders of today and tomorrow as they follow Jesus.

Why We Believe In Youth Ministry ::

It is vital to helping teens integrate into the larger multi-generational community of the church.

  1. Youth ministry helps a church to resist the status quo & to stay relevant in an ever-changing culture.

  2. Youth ministry focuses on inviting teens from all walks of life into the deeper narrative of God's plan for humankind.

  3. Youth ministry reminds the church that teens are not to be marginalized members of society or of the church community. They are meant to play their part today in the divine work of the church, helping bring the Gospel message of heaven to the hearers of earth.

  4. Youth ministry helps the church focus on the way of Jesus, which will at times challenge personal or traditional philosophies so that those in need of His truth and grace may hear it clearly.

We do this in two ways — we strive to create opportunities for students to be a part of the larger community at Eastgate and to connect them with their own peer group in age-relevant environments. Each week, we provide them with safe and fun environments to learn about the God who loves them, and we do so in ways they can understand. We’d love to have you join us!

Weekly, this means that on Sunday mornings we encourage students to worship with their families, find ways to serve at Eastgate, and connect with others. We also have events designed just for students throughout the year. If you have questions or want to learn more about an event, contact the church office. 

Connection Group :: The Gospel Project helps students center their lives on the gospel, replacing the desire to be “good” with the empowering transformation that comes only from Jesus Christ. These group Bible studies are designed to get as much gospel into your students’ lives as possible, helping them connect to a gospel-filled support system and equipping them for gospel conversations in their community.

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7th - 12th Grade

Sundays @ 9:30 AM